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ADHD: Your Far More Than Your Diagnosis!

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People avatars with speech bubblesWhen you’re dealing with a person with ADHD, it can be tempting to make certain assumptions about him based on a diagnosis. While it is important to recognize that he is dealing with ADHD, you don’t want to enable him by encouraging or reinforcing the ADHD label which could allow him to avoid responsibility.

Your partner is a wonderful person who is much more than just a label. Work to get rid of that label and let your partner be him or herself – a unique individual, not a diagnosis.

Every person on earth has things that are difficult for them – yet you don’t hear people saying things like, “I can’t do that because I have Typical Human Being Disorder!” ADHD is not an excuse; it’s a challenge, and even an opportunity.

It is totally O.K to admit to someone that something is not a great fit for your skill set without having to always add “because I’m ADHD.” If we all had the same identical skills, where would the fun in life be? Variety is great!

ADHD is only a part of who you are. It is not your most defining characteristic by any means, and it doesn’t need to run your life. You’re far more than your diagnosis.

For partners, being in a relationship with someone with ADHD does have challenges, but often they’re the challenges that come with any relationship, not necessarily unique to ADHD relationships.


Make the effort to try being in a relationship with each other, not with a label – it’s well worth it, and the results might surprise you!

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