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Top Relationship Wreckers

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What We Hear on A Daily Basis

From Actual Patients:


Dr.Robert Wilford & Dr.Sarah Ferman

According to the NonADHD Partner:

“Every time we try to talk all we do is argue”

“My partner doesn’t listen to what I say – like I don’t even matter

“My needs are the last thing on my partners to – do list”

I do everything for us in our life and my partner does nothing!”

“They promise to do something – then totally forget

“Has trouble getting started on a task”
“Leaves a mess – I feel like a Parent to my Spouse not a Partner!”

“My partner just doesn’t learn from their mistakes”

“Doesn’t plan ahead – All I do is nag, all we do is argue and still nothing changes”


“I can’t count on my partner for any thing,even the small stuff, what if I ever got sick and really needed them!”

“Intimacy is the last thing on our list of things that never get done”

“All we do is jump crisis to crisis and the fires never really get put out”
“Under-estimates the time needed to complete a task”

“Forget being on time anywhere”

“Doesn’t finish household projects”
“Why can my partner focus on video games but can’t lift a finger to help around the house?”
“I’m Sorry” is the wrong answer – how about finally doing something and not just keep saying I’m sorry”

“I feel like I am in a relationship with ADHD and not with my partner”

“Says things without thinking”

“Every time we try to talk all we do is argue and trade blame back and forth until were both just too worn out to fight anymore”

“Zones out in conversations- like they don’t even care what is being said”

“Doesn’t respond when spoken to- The “Huh What Syndrome”

According to the ADHD Partner:

I can Never Do Anything Right

“All I hear is constant criticism and nagging – All The Time”

“My partner makes every little thing such a big deal!

“I am sick of being treated like a child who can’t be trusted” 

“I am always being told what to do, & how and when to do it”

“Can’t seem to understand why their non-ADHD partner is always so bent out of shape and in such a bad mood”

Which Partner Are You?:

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