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What Our Clients Say About Us

I just love the two of you! I wish I could take you both home with me? Ever since the teleconference in August, I have been your biggest fan. Everything you say is right on the money. I wish my brain was a sponge so I could take it all in. Just keep being you. Thanks so much for all your insight!Sue Wilkinson, September 18, 2013
Dear Sarah and Robert, I have never written to thank a therapist before but I just had to stop and let you know how impressed I am with your level of human caring and personal attention to meet our needs – for quickly and thoroughly answering our questions in the Ask The Expert section inside the membership site and on the live question and answer calls!” What you have done for me and my husband is amazing! We have tried marriage counseling, individual counseling, self help books and membership sites. Your methods are so simple, done one-step-at-a-time was exactly what we needed. We followed your suggested steps and made immediate results. Thanks for taking care of our relationship that we now care so deeply about – thanks to both of you! I recommend your membership site to anyone who needs to improve their relationship even if neither has ADHD. It worked for us and I was the biggest skeptic!Rita, Michigan
I cannot thank you and everyone who made ADHD Couples Success possible for everything you have done to put together this amazing selection of tools that have helped us and have saved our marriage. We were not happy with our relationship and thought we had no option but to divorce. We were nervous about starting the self-help membership site. However, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Robert and the very kind helpers inside the website at ADHD Couples Success really made our marriage exercises fun and enjoyable! We will continue to use your site for the rest of our lives and will not hesitate to refer anyone to! Thank you all so much…and we now look forward to our nightly fix – even if for only fifteen minutes! It is information that has been life changing for us!Sarah and Brad
There is a peace in our home now that we never knew existed.
Dr. Robert Wilford and Dr.Sarah Ferman truly gave us our family back. Previous doctors took the easy way out and said our two sons were just depressed and needed to be made to pay attention and stop daydreaming. One of those doctors even said that our younger son might have a learning disability. Dr. Wilford helped us realize that in fact both our sons had ADHD and that following what those other doctors told us was actually the exact opposite of what our sons needed to cope with their symptoms. There is a peace in our home now that we never knew existed.Martha R., LA Area
Only one partner is participating and it is making a difference!
One person learning and growing can make a BIG Difference in their relationship.
We went from a total RED light couple to a Yellow light couple with just me participating in membership.Linda
I was just so glad I found these guys!
You have helped my relationship with my husband one million percent. We don’t fight anymore, we don’t yell – Our whole household is better thanks to ADHD Couples Success. It’s very true our entire life is better.Ilyane
My husband and I have been to many different therapists and doctors. We have never found a group so dedicated to dealing with the issues ADHD brings to the table in a relationship. I highly recommend this team! They are worth every penny and do everything they can to help you overcome any barriers that may be holding you back from living life to the fullest. Before you waste your time and money somewhere else please do yourself a favor and get connected today. You will not be disappointed!Ann, California