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Is ADHD Real?

Is ADHD real or just a lack of willpower? Contrary to popular belief, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not a matter of being lazy, acting out, or being passive aggressive.


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Now What?

So you have ADHD – now what? An ADHD diagnosis can be a confusing and frustrating reality to accept. Freedom from the past comes from learning and applying new life skills to the present.


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ADHD Couples Minute 100

Being a couple is a two-person activity in case you or your partner have forgotten! Learn how to build the intimacy you first had when you were together.


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Critical Care Call List

Knowing who is on your ADHD treatment team and how to get a hold of them is a critical piece of the ADHD puzzle. Download our critical care call list and keep the list tucked away in a wallet or put up on a fridge or included as a picture on your smart phone can mean the difference between smooth sailing and pulling your hair out.

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15 ADHD Insights to Jump Start Treatment

In this ADHD friendly and easy-to-read guide we share with you valuable insights as to what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to successfully treating ADHD. Our clear-cut, no nonsense answers will help you steer clear of the most difficult and painful obstacles of successful ADHD treatment.


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