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Your Relationship is at Yellow Level

Yellow Level. If your relationship is at the yellow level, proceed with caution. Your relationship could go either way. Your at a crossroads Intimacy gets complicated. Connections are strained. Your relationship needs some work. At times barely hanging on! Good times are mixed with bad times.

Videos To Help With Yellow Relationship Challenges

The yellow light relationship could tip either way. You are at a crossroads. Your relationship can feel overwhelming at times. Get help before your relationship gets worse. ADHD Couples Success can help you turn your relationship around.

Articles To Help With Yellow Relationship Challenges

Make Room For The Small Stuff Too! John and Mary were newlyweds, and during the first summer of their marriage, they fought all of the time about running the air conditioner at night. John assumed that Mary was cold and could easily put on extra blankets. John felt it wasn’t fair READ MORE
Overcoming Obstacles to Intimacy: "Getting to the "YES" When initiating intimacy with your partner who has ADHD, you might run up against a little more initial resistance than you expect. Your ADHD partner might initially appear uninterested, or they might even push back at first. If you understand how the ADHD mind really works, this won’t READ MORE

ADHD and Marriage: Saving Your Relationship

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  • Trouble getting organized
  • Tendency to be impatient
  • Trouble focusing on work and conversations
  • Difficulty with managing time
  • Procrastination is easy
  • Marriage may feel like a big struggle
  • Conflict and tensions in your marriage on a regular basis
  • Feel like your parenting your partner
  • Do you feel resentment building in your marriage

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This is a screening test for Couples with ADHD. It is not a diagnostic instrument. Structured so as to differentiate between three distinct components of relationships with ADHD, Green light, Yellow light, Red light (Green-relationship is in good shape, Yellow-relationship is in danger and Red-relationship is in serious trouble).