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Your Relationship is at Green Level

Green Level. Is your relationship at the green level and you want your relationship to go to the next level? Going from good to great. Optimize your ADHD relationship by fine tuning what you already know. We are the peak performance experts for ADHD relationships.

Videos To Help With Green Relationship Challenges

The green light relationship is good but not great. Fine tune your relationship and take it to the next level. You know the basics. We help with strategies to help you improve on your relationship so both of you can live an exceptional life. You will both be glad you did. ADHD Couples Success can help turn good into great.

Articles To Help With Green Relationship Challenges

The Partner Trap: The Vicious Cycle of Surprise, Reaction and ResentmentAll relationships are challenging, but being in a relationship with someone who has ADHD can present its own unique challenges. At its best, living with an ADHD partner is an exciting journey full of positive experiences, but at its worst, ADHD relationships can devolve into a vicious cycle of... READ MORE
Take Your Relationship Temperature Often!In ADHD relationships, there is often more room for couples to make errors about how things are going on any particular day. For example, a normally outgoing ADHD partner can easily be perceived as being upset when they seem quiet or overly engaged in something that interests them. After sharing negative feedback with each other, it’s easy to misperceive how... READ MORE

ADHD and Marriage: Saving Your Relationship

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  • Trouble getting organized
  • Tendency to be impatient
  • Trouble focusing on work and conversations
  • Difficulty with managing time
  • Procrastination is easy
  • Marriage may feel like a big struggle
  • Conflict and tensions in your marriage on a regular basis
  • Feel like your parenting your partner
  • Do you feel resentment building in your marriage

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This is a screening test for Couples with ADHD. It is not a diagnostic instrument. Structured so as to differentiate between three distinct components of relationships with ADHD, Green light, Yellow light, Red light (Green-relationship is in good shape, Yellow-relationship is in danger and Red-relationship is in serious trouble).