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Plan Twice As Long As You Think You Will Need

ADHD Adults Plan twice as long as you think you will need

You will probably just make it

Any adult who has ADHD will not be surprised when they hear someone say that their life is in turmoil. That is often a good description of someone with the condition, an ADDer or ADHDer. They find the following types of behavior or words to be commonplace in their life – procrastination, impulsive, poor time-management, easily distracted and inattention (actually-surplus attention). In fact those words are par for the course with many who have ADHD.

And of course if you do keep putting things off, if you tend to rush into things or find yourself running late or going overtime, your life can be pretty frustrating at those times. But there is a way through the difficulties.

The good thing about being an adult with ADHD is that you can Read More…