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Tips to Help Your Marriage

American pharmacist with senior woman in pharmacyProvide feedback instead of criticism which makes your partner defensive

Take responsibility for how ADHD has affected your relationship

Stop blaming your ADHD and treating it like something that is outside of your control. ADHD itself doesn’t destroy relationships, unmanaged behaviors do.

Communicate so your partner can understand you Avoid communicating to discipline your partner or make them wrong.

Be Careful Making Assumptions In Your Relationship!

The only way to get a handle on your situation is to REALLY be sure you know what your problem is. Take a minute to ask as simple question – you might be surprised by what you hear.

A good relationship takes time and lots and lots of practice!

The best medication in the world won’t teach you the skills you need to overcome a lifetime of ADHD habits. They don’t make a pill for perfect yet.

Always Alert Your Partner When You Start A New Medication.

This is why they call it “Staring” medication, not “great now your done” medication.

Healing A Relationship Negatively Impacted By ADHD Takes Time, Work and Practice.

We give people with a broken leg more courtesy than we do those with attentional differences, at least the leg will heal on its own, not so with ADHD.

Information Overoad is Real!

Give Yourself a break if you find yourself overwhelmed by today’s technology.

There was no ADHD when I was a kid, yeah and you only had to answer one phone, go to the library for information, and didn’t have 14 email accounts, texting, and talk on demand, call waiting, and instant messaging.

Resist the temptation to Play Doctor With Your ADHD Medications.

Don’t put your mind in the hands of an amature. It’s the only brain you will ever have.

If you really do have ADHD you are going to need a LOT of help in LIFE!