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Master Class Series

"ADHD & Sex Reconnecting To Intimacy"

Here's What You Can Expect

Video Length: 4:03

  • Learn why buying flowers or lingerie never works
  • Some ADHD Behaviors Cause a lack of intimacy
  • Stop destroying feelings of intimacy and closeness
  • Both partners are at Fault
  • Strategies to reconnect to intimacy with your partner
  • Super Targeted Solutions

ADHD & Sex Reconnecting To Intimacy ~ Master Class

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Full Class Video

Video Length: 24:18

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Why Talking During Sex is Important

(article Icon) Tips to keep her focused

4 Essential Secrets To Restoring Intimacy

(Video icon) Difficulties with individuals with ADHD & Sex

Overcoming Obstacles to Intimacy

(article icon) Getting to the "YES"

ADHD and Intimacy Issues

(article icon) Your Really Not Alone!

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We are Dr.Richard Ferman,MD and Dr.Sarah Ferman,MBA,PCC co-founders of ADHD Couples Success. Like you, we are challenged with dealing with ADHD in each of our relationships with our partners.

We have experienced the same struggles, challenges that ADHD couples face everyday. The difference is that they have learned the value of getting an ADHD education about the different issues that they have faced first hand in their own relationships. They bring a first hand knowledge and understanding of what it is like to feel like you are all alone and understood by no one.