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Legendary ADHD Doctors Dr. Robert Wilford & Dr. Sarah Ferman


Dr. Robert Wilford & Dr. Sarah Ferman

Co-Founder ADHD Couples Success Dr. Sarah Ferman and Dr. Robert Wilford are the co-founders of ADHD Couples Success, a premier online provider of relationship saving strategies for couples andpartners where one or both partners are dealing with ADHD. Located in Encino, CA,Dr. Sarah and Dr. Wilford are ADHD Couples Experts, Licensed Psychotherapists, and ADHD Specialists. They both deal with ADHD in their own relationships and have experienced the same struggles and challenges that nearly every ADHD couple faces on a daily basis. “They live it, they get it, they love it and so can you.”

Live Webcast Event

Wednesday, March 18th 12:30-1:30 PM PST

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