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Need a little extra help?

Want some personalized attention?

Do you wish you could talk to someone one-on-one about what you’re going through? Well, you can! ADHD Couples Success offers a discounted rate of $197 for an introductory coaching session. You can ask questions about your specific situation and get guidance on how to proceed from here. It also gives you an opportunity to ‘test drive’ the coaching experience and determine if one-on-one coaching is right for you.

  • Are You Caught Up In The ADHD Relationship Tornado?
  • You Can No Longer Cope With Your Partner’s Behavior?
  • You HaveDone Everything Possible And Your ADHD Partner Is Beyond Redemption?
  • You Suffer Unnecessarily Because Of Your Partner’s Unreasonable Expectations – Or Years OfBroken Promises.
  • You May Deeply Resent Your Partner Because Their Behavior Has Turned You Into A Nervous Wreck.
  • All You Do Is Nag, Complain Or Get Angry
  • Your ADHD Partner Makes You Feel Bad For Being Upset With Them For Not Keeping Their EndOf The Bargain.

Does This Sounds Familiar To You?

Living With ADHD Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced Before.

We Get It. We Live It And We Work With Couples Just Like You Each And Every Day. Most ADHD Couples Are Miserable Because They’re Using The Wrong Principles In Their Relationship. You’ve Tried Traditional Therapy, Or Pastoral Counseling, Regular Coaching. Read All Of TheSelf-Help Books - Even Applied The Advice Of Well-Meaning Friends And FamilyAnd Still No Improvement. Think Of It: If Your Car’s Check Engine Light Were To Come On, Would You Just Drive Faster, Hoping It Would Turn Off? Of Course Not, You Would Take It To The Mechanic And Get It Fixed. If Your Relationship Is Broken, It’s Time To Fix It. Think Of Us The ADHD Relationship Mechanics. All The Answers, Tons Of Solutions And None Of The Judgment And We Are A Whole Lot Cheaper Than Any Divorce Lawyer You Will Ever Find.

How can a coach help me?

We Get It, We Live It, And We FIX It Fast! Find Answers & Understanding Without The Judgment. We help end the Emotional Tug of War We give you the tools you need and the support you deserve. During your one-on-one coaching sessions, your coach will work with you and will review your progress, help you tackle obstacles you encounter along the way and keep you and your spouse focused on your vision and goal of a healthy ADHD relationship.

What does it cost?

Once you purchase the session you will be able to schedule your first session on line and select which Doctor you would like to be your primary coach. The Emergency Marriage Boot Camp will give you both Doctors expertise on your issues with both you and your spouse. Check out this option if you feel you need all the information NOW to help save your marriage.

Take us for a test drive and try out the introductory session - one per couple. You don't have to be a member of ADHDCouplesSuccess to try out a coaching session.

Coaching Session


  • Individual Coaching only when you need it
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Get practical advice
  • 45 minute session
  • Members only
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