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Are You Tired of Beating Your Head Against A Wall Because Your ADHD Relationship Is Not Working?

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Read On for Free Help to Start Turning Your Life Around

Are you living with Adult ADHD, or are you feeling desperate because you have a partner or a loved who has this condition?


We Can Help.

Adult ADHD is a disorder that you or your loved one can learn to control and deal with in positive, healthy ways. At ADHD Couples Success, we have a combination of more than sixty-five years’ of experience – both professional and personal experience – helping people transform their lives, their relationships, and their careers.

If You Have Adult ADHD, You Don’t Just Need a Doctor.

To truly transform your life you need treatment, coaching and therapy to understand the emotional baggage caused by your ADHD traits and the emotional baggage you’re carrying from living a lifetime of unacknowledged ADHD.
Then, you need to develop new strategies for handling life’s practical details.
Our personal vision is changing the lives of people with ADHD and the lives of their loved ones – one life at a time.

ADHD And Relationships -You Don’t Have to Wait – We’ll Start Helping You Manage Your ADHD Today for Free.

When the symptoms of ADHD are making your life difficult, or you are at your wits’ end trying to help your loved one who has ADHD, the last thing you want to do is wait for your before you start getting help.

Are You, or is Your Loved One, Experiencing Any of the Following Symptoms of Adult ADHD?


  • Distractability – being easily diverted from the intended focus of attention;
  • Disorganization – losing track of time, items, and the order in which tasks should be done;
  • Poor sustained attention – difficulty initiating and/or finishing the task;
  • Forgetfulness – “blanking” on everything from small tasks to important obligations or even entire conversations;
  • Restlessness – feeling “on the go” mentally and physically;
  • Poor listening skills – hearing only half of what is said, or mishearing huge chunks of it.


Start Turning Your Life Around Today. All you need to do is sign up here for your free Guide or on the right side of the page to join our next weekly Q & A session.

Who Are We, and Why Can We Help You?Most medical doctors who treat ADHD do so as part of their larger practice. You may have already experienced this – having to shuttle between different offices for medical, testing, and counseling appointments.
At ADHD Couples Success, our entire focus and vision is providing the best available treatment, coaching, and therapy to people living with ADHD.
In addition, ADHD isn’t just a clinical subject – Sarah Ferman and Dr. Robert Wilford have adult ADHD, just like you. ADHD isn’t just our profession – the joys and struggles of ADHD are part of our daily lives.

We know from experience that you, too, can move from disharmony
to a place of love and accountability.

You Are Not A Bad Person
You Are Not Irresponsible
You Are a Good Person Who Has a Treatable, Manageable Medical Condition

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