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Who We Are

We are Dr.Richard Ferman,MD, Dr.Robert Wilford,PHD. and Dr.Sarah Ferman,MBA,PCC co-founders of ADHD Couples Success. Like you, we are challenged with dealing with ADHD in each of our relationships with our partners.

We have experienced the same struggles, challenges that ADHD couples face everyday. The difference is that they have learned the value of getting an ADHD education about the different issues that they have faced first hand in their own relationships. They bring a first hand knowledge and understanding of what it is like to feel like you are all alone and understood by no one.

We are ADHD Couples Experts
We are Licensed Psychotherapists
We are ADHD Specialists
We live with ADHD
We understand ADHD
We love someone with ADHD
We can help your ADHD relationship
ADHD Couples Success has given me a peaceful and happy place to live my life. I was on my way to divorce and now I am going to Hawaii. I can’t thank you enough. I will be a life time member and student. Renee (Has ADHD)
You have helped my relationship with my husband one million percent. We don’t fight anymore, we don’t yell – Our whole household is better thanks to ADHD Couples Success. It’s very true our entire life is better.Ilyane
There is a peace in our home now that we never knew existed.

Couples Where One or Both Partners Have ADHD Are Loving AADHD Couples Success!

Having worked with thousands of clients struggling with ADHD and the people who love them or at least seem like they still might. We created ADHD Couples to bring our years of professional expertise to any couple that is struggling to hang on, looking to tune up an ok relationship, or to take their functioning relationship to the next level. We work with both members of the couples. We recognize that in addition to the ADHD partner, the nonadhd partner needs just as much support, guidance and tools to cope with their partners ADHD.

Relationships break down in any couple when they don’t place the right attention on it. ADHD couples are no different, and they can have just as much success as the happiest couple, when they use strategies that work. gives you those strategies.

We help couples with ADHD end the chaos, stop the emotional tug of war, clear out past upsets, renew their commitment to the relationship, live up to your expectations, sidestep limitations, rediscover love and implement relationship saving strategies to thrive in their ADHD relationship as a couple.

Who would have thought that in we would finally be living our dream of being able to offer a resource to ADHD couples everywhere? We hope you will take a look at our website, take our relationship quiz and if it feels like a good fit, please join us and become part of our community of ADHD couples who live the dream of a great life with ADHD.

Live Well, Love Well and Create Kindness

— Dr. Robert Wilford and Dr. Sarah Ferman